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Portable Ice Maker Buying Guide 2017


Welcome to Ice Machine Reviews. So, you are planning to buy a new portable ice maker. On this article we would like to discuss many aspects of how to choose the best portable ice maker. If this is your first ice maker, you might end up with a doubt. There are so many ice maker available out there. Many manufacturers offers many ice maker products. But don’t worry, we hope our Portable Ice Maker Buying Guide will help you out.┬áBefore we go through our recommendations and buying tips, let’s take a look at the Ice maker itself.

Portable Ice Maker Features You Should Know

A portable ice maker helps you to keep your food and drinks cool when your ordinary fridge can’t do better. This device is perfect for summers and even for parties. As we mentioned previously, there are tons of portable ice maker products on the market. Before we jump into the detailed reviews, let’s have a look at some crucial features of ice maker you should know.


When you are planning to buy a new portable ice maker, the first thing to know is how much ice your ice maker can produce in a day? Well, the 24 hours capacity of the ice maker can give you a clear idea how long the ice maker to produce some amounts of ice.

Cube Size

There are many portable ice makers that can be set to produce different sizes of ice cubes. You may want to choose ice maker that can produce many sizes of ice cube. Usually, product that has more capability to produce different ice cube size has higher price. But again, this is optional.


If colors matter for you, you may want to choose specific color for your next ice maker. Many ice makers has several color options. Or if you want to match your kitchen theme with the new ice maker, you may choose the same or similar color with it.


It is important to look at the product dimension before you buy it. Most of ice maker products dimension listed in inches. This information can give you a clear idea of how much space of you portable ice maker will take up. This is important when you are planning to take it for traveling.


Last but not least, you must choose a product which offers a good warranty. In most of time, the warranty often indicate how good the product is.

Top 10 Portable Ice Maker Products

Here are some great products of Portable Ice Maker you can choose.

Product ImageProduct NameBrandPrice
Della Electric Ice Maker
Machine Portable Counter Top
Yield Up To 28 Pounds of Ice Daily
Stainless Steel
DellaCheck Price at Amazon
RCA Compact Ice MakerRCACheck Price at Amazon
Hamilton Beach
Portable Ice Maker
Hamilton BeachCheck Price at Amazon
EdgeStar IP250SS
Large Capacity Portable Countertop
Stainless Steel Ice Maker
EdgeStarCheck Price at Amazon
Portable Ice Maker
for Counterop
IvationCheck Price at Amazon
Della Deluxe Ice Maker
LCD Display Portable
DellaCheck Price at Amazon
NewAir AI-100CB
Portable Ice Maker
NewAirCheck Price at Amazon
Della Portable Ice Maker Machine
High Capacity
DellaCheck Price at Amazon
Gourmia GI110 Compact Portable
Electric Ice Maker
GourmiaCheck Price at Amazon
Counter Top Ice Maker Machine
Think GizmozCheck Price at Amazon

These are 10 of the best Portable Ice Maker we have. Please leave us comments if you have any other thoughts.

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